Agra Heritage Culture Walk: Local Market Tour

Walking Down the Streets: Agra Bazaar

As former US president Bill Clinton rightly said, “There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who have seen the Taj Mahal and love it; and those who have not seen the Taj but still love it.” Being on every traveler’s bucket list & the only city of the world to have 3 world heritage monuments (Taj Mahal, Fort & Fatehpur Sikri), Agra is the must-see tourist place in India. Yet while researching for my upcoming project of Agra Culture Walk; it was difficult to find any comprehensive guide for the local city or the local bazar. There is so much written / talked about Delhi and Jaipur, but Agra still remains an untouched part of the Golden Triangle when it comes to things beyond Taj Mahal.

agra old city tour

Dont forget to eat PAAN or Betel Leaf…

Mostly when a tourist wishes to see the local markets of Agra to feel the essence of this five centuries old city, he is either taken to tourist shops (where everything is overpriced or scam) or taken to some shopping malls which are no different in any part of the world. But that’s not the places where locals go…

old temple agra streets

Old road side temple

That’s when the idea of Agra Heritage Culture Walking Tour came into my mind where I plan to offer the tour of sites of real Agra local market along with the modern touristy Agra. In the attempt to show people the lost glory of this Mughal city which once remained the capital of India during Mughal period, this local city walk tour covers the local bazaar of spices, vegetables, medicines, jewellery, cooking utensils, the famous street food, temple & the life on the streets of Agra.

Agra gems jewellery shop

Wholesale Gems Shop in Old city

The overall idea is to offer something that does not resemble a typical group tour. These tours will be informal, small group excursions with a strong focus on independent travel.

We won’t be going to the tourist emporiums and we won’t be eating in over priced tourist restaurants. We’ll be going local. We’ll use public transportation as much as possible; we’ll eat at some of the best food stalls and local eateries around and we’ll visit places that aren’t always written about in guidebooks.

local street food agra

Best local street sweets

The core focus of a Travel Genes Tour will always be on gaining a first-hand education, interacting with local people and of course, visiting as many fascinating locations as possible.

And the most rewarding part is that our small group will share the entire experience together, supporting each other as we not only discover an interesting place, but as we discover the confidence to push ourselves beyond our usual comfort zones.

Let me show you some of the highlights of Agra Heritage Culture Walk on the streets of Agra:

culture vulture city tour agra travel genes

The famous local sweet of Agra: JALEBI


Beside this Agra Cultural Trail, I have launched the TASTE OF AGRA : FOOD WALK where you experience Agra through your stomach while eating the unlimited authentic Indian food at places where locals eat and the way locals eat…The duration of food walk depends on your appetite, and we will be indulging in some of Agra’s best local food and sweets including Petha, Kababs, and Kulfi while exploring the busy streets of Agra on cycle rickshaw ride.

Of course, if you have any questions about the tour, please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

And on that note, as I’ve mentioned before, this project is something that I have been extremely excited about and I can’t even explain how much I am looking forward to experiencing India with some of you!

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  • We were in Agra just last month & we wished to see local market but our guide only took us to tourist markets which were way overpriced… i should have contacted you, i guess… nice post!

    • Thanks Lesie… it happens as the tour agencies are only interested in taking tourists to tourist shops & not the local shops… That’s why i always prefer to avoid the tourist traps & travel to off beat places… Anyways, there’s always next time…would love to show you around next time when you are in Agra 🙂

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