Live From Here – 1: Puri, Odisha

Hello… from the other side of world!

This is something new… After a bit of speculation as of late, I understood that the time has desired me to… consume more Bengali sweets. I adore sweets (even though they increase my pot-belly and i know for sure that i will die of Diabetes some day). But it’s simply a disgrace that I haven’t been consuming them to the extent that I would like to.

Uh oh… sad about that. The sweet thing was for an alternate post I was planning to write.

What I intended to say here is that the time has desired me to… coordinate more features into this travel blog. The truth is out, more travel videos to join the written text I publish.


I made up my mind to include travel videos on this blog a couple of days back when i was sun-bathing at the hot Puri beach in Odisha, on the east cost of India… With temperature of above 43 degrees and a crowded sea beach full of jelly fish stings, an idea flashed into my mind to include a first hand experience of every place i visit for the beloved readers of this site by including a short quick no-nonsense video.

What’s more the new arrangement is called:

Travel Genes : Live From Here!

While I agree that this is the first attempt into something which is too complicated for a dentist like me… hence, it is a bit unpolished, raw and a whole lot of non-professional. But I was amazingly eager to try my hands and test this new thought out. I promise to go more deep into the waters as i learn on the way… Soon I will be including more nonsense chatter about the destinations I am visiting and what all stupid things I am up to with my sensible wife. So this first episode happens on my trip to witness India’s largest Car Festival called Rath Yatra in a small city of Puri, Odisha (formerly called as Orissa). Millions of devotees pour in to pull the chariots of Lord Jagannath every year and it’s difficult to describe how you feel it despite walking barefoot on the hot roads with Sun shining over your head. I’ll save the discussion now and just have you look for yourself…

Live From Here – 1 : Puri Odisha

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it and if all goes well, I plan to add a new episode every few weeks. Either way, thanks for watching!

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