Top Best Places To Eat In Agra

UPDATE: There has been lot of changes since i last wrote this post 2 years back. Some of the new restaurants have opened up & some of the below mentioned ones have downgraded their food quality. I am trying to give you the latest update on the new arrivals.

Dorothy Day has rightly said that “Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.” Keeping this saying in mind, we give you the 6 best places to eat in Agra for authentic Indian food where you can find delectable food that not only satisfies your hunger, but your soul too. We have reviewed only non-touristy restaurants and food joints which do not serve the overpriced imitation of authentic Indian cuisine unlike those which are usually mentioned in guidebooks & internet websites.

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Here is the list of our picks of best places to eat in Agra which will be costing you around Rs.2,000 or 30$ for two people excluding the alcoholic drinks.

  1. Bon Barbecue:

bon-barbecue-restaurant agra

This newly opened restaurant has become the number one choice for delicious food without burning a hole in your pocket. The concept is amazing where you get unlimited servings of starters before you start your Buffet meal. The prices are fixed for vegetarian & Non-vegetarian Buffet & the options are many. This is the second restaurant in chain after the already very popular Pinch of Spice Restaurant. Located in the basement of Hotel Parador, Near Shanti Manglick Hospital, on Fatehabad Road; this is a place not to be missed by foodies.


2. Pinch of Spice:

pinch of spice Agra

After tasting the food of this restaurant a couple of times we have ranked this as the number 2 place for foodies. This is a multi-cuisine non-touristy restaurant along with bar with a subtle white décor that adds elegance to the setting. And the best thing is that, after finishing your mouth-watering meal, they serve a refreshing mouth freshening drink (and I always ask for an extra glass, the last time the waiter got me four glasses… ) which actually completes the entire food experience. Ranging from Indian Mughalai to Chinese to a few Italian items, they have it all. However, the downside is that on weekends there is a waiting time that often reaches an hour. But if you can wait it out, you won’t regret it. Don’t go for buffet lunch or dinner although it may look cheap on the menu but lacks the variety of tasty dishes. Recommended : Chicken Lababdar, Garlic Chicken and Honey Chilli Potato.

3. Pind Baluchi:

pind balluchi agra

This is a recently opened restaurant from the Pind Baluchi chain of restaurants all over India. The interior is especially attractive as it has the beautiful setting of an Indian Punjabi village. The village look is completed by the waiters who serve you in the colorful Punjabi kurtas and patialas. You also eat from traditional steel utensils which are typical in the common Indian households. They serve typical North Indian cuisine and I especially recommend their tasty rejuvenating drinks of North India like aam panna (seasonal mango juice), Banta and Jaljeera which are great appetizers. Apart from being very tasty, the food here is well-cooked and homely without too much oil or fat.

4. Sai Khandela:

sai khandela agra

(Update: Somehow this restaurant has lost its hype over the years. Maybe its the quality of food or the many new restaurants that have come up in the city which offer new tastes.) Situated in a prime location near a posh market place, Sadar bazaar, this is a multi-cuisine restaurant. The dominating blue color renders a royal look and the beautiful paintings on the wall definitely add to the aura. A wide range of options are available and the food is delicious that tickles your taste buds.


This is a good option if you wish to do some shopping and eat your dinner before calling it the day off. Recommended : Drums of Heaven, Chinese & chicken delicacies.

4. Charcoal Chimney:

3-Charcoal chimney restaurant agra

Situated right next to Pinch of Spice, this restaurant in a part of Hotel Samovar. This place is a good option for those who do not want to wait too long for a table in Pinch of Spice. The serene white décor provide a soothing backdrop. We also had the opportunity of getting a photo clicked with the chef who was quite young much to our surprise.

4-Food bloggers with chef in agra

This is also a multi-cuisine restaurant with tasty food and many options available. Prices are similar to pinch of spice but nothing special when compared to pinch of spice.

5. Mama Franky House:

6-mama franky agra

(Update: This is a big disappointment in taste & price now. The quality & taste it used to offer is completely missing nowadays & it just remains a quick eating standing hangout for not so good food. The vegetarian food disappoints more than the meat.) This used to be a very popular food joint in Agra situated in the prime location of Sadar bazaar and is still quite pocket-friendly. From Indian rolls to barbecue there are good options available in non-vegetarian. It provides the option of eating in open air with loud music playing. The service has become slow over the years & takes long waiting time before you can feast. Only go if you are running short of time & need a quick bite with your friends.

butter chicken agra

A meal for two people will cost you around Rs. 600 or $10 which is real dirt cheap. Dinner time is best to go as huge variety is available as compared to afternoon lunch time, when only few dishes are available.

6. Dasaprakash:

dasaprakash agra

This restaurant serves high-quality authentic South Indian food along with a few Continental dishes. Even though it serves continental food like lasagna and Mexican pizza, it is more popular for its South Indian cuisine. It has a nice cubicle type seating arrangement. Though it is considered little expensive according to the Indian standards but not the western standards. Good place for having vegetarian South Indian food.

5-Shreya at charcoal chimney agra

All the above restaurants are chosen after a thorough research and experience of different foods over a number of times anonymously. We have no association or affiliation with any of the restaurants mentioned above and all the reviews were carried upon without receiving any benefits. This guide is based upon our personal list of favorite restaurants for the tourists coming to Agra who have no idea where to find the real Indian food and often end up going to very touristy restaurants who offer the expensive and tasteless imitation of Indian food.

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  • Good info about non touristy places to eat in Agra… we went after reading your review of Pind Baluchi & loved the food there, not at all expensive but homely food. Our driver was suggesting us some other popular touristy restaurant where they only serve expensive tasteless food, but glad that i read your informative post & had a good soulful food based on your recommendation…

    • Glad to be of help… the tour operators only think about their profits and the people like us suffer. Thank you for your comment, hope that other people too would find it useful & will share their experiences…

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