6 Reasons Why You Should Hit The Beach More Often


For any individual like me who has invested more time by the ocean, you realize that it does something to your body, mind and soul. Being a hardcore Aquarian, I’ve always loved the sea more than the hills. And it’s been a constant topic for debate between me and my wife about whether to choose hills or hit the beach on our next vacations.  A few of us are much livelier when we are closer to the ocean’s edge and there are medical advantages as well which are often debated loudly. It’s the magic of the ocean, I guess!

Since ancient times, humans have assigned healing and transformational properties to water. In early Rome, baths were an important part of cultural life, a place where citizens went to find relaxation and to connect with others in a calming setting. In Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicinal wisdom, and traditional Chinese medicine, the water element is crucial to balancing the body and creating physical harmony. Rivers have long been seen as sacred places, and in a number of different spiritual contexts, water has symbolized rebirth, spiritual cleansing and salvation.

As I write this, I’m sitting on the balcony of my beach bungalow in a small calm town of Mandarmani, close to Kolkata on the east cost of India. I go to sleep and wake up to the sounds of waves crashing as the sun rises above the water. My skin is soft, my mind is at peace and I feel more productive. It seems that only the ocean gives me this new-found energy and passion for living.

So why should you go to beach holidays more often?

Permits You to Just “Be Yourself”

Numerous individuals end up in a trance like state as they watch and listen to sea waves. It’s effortless meditation technique and you feel relaxed with the waves touching your feet as you watch the endless ocean in front of you. There is a feeling of comfort and relaxation that the sea gives us and permits us to simply sit with our own self.


Permits You to Relax

Anxiety is a real reason for sickness in our general public. The sea has a method for profoundly unwinding us and bringing us over to earth. Sitting in the sand while you watch and listen to waves slamming provides for us a feeling of bliss and peace. We quit attempting to problem-solve and live in the exact moment we are in. Everything eases off close to the shoreline. We let go off the various stress we have and look at life in a new way with a feeling of awe. That switches us from a ‘me’ orientation to a ‘we’ orientation, and it has been scientifically proved that the feelings of awe can increase our capacity for connection and empathy.

Deep Cleansing for Body and Soul

For the body, psyche and soul the sea offers numerous purifying qualities. The salty ocean air permits us to take in clean, immaculate breaths into our lungs. As we swim in the salt water, our skin is resuscitated. Going out for a stroll on the long sandy shoreline gives our feet a natural scrub through exfoliation of dead skin. To smell the ocean and hear the waves while you sit on the warm sand is all the more purifying for the soul. So when we see water, when we hear water, it triggers a response in your brain that we’re in the right place and a sense of calm prevails.

Simple Meditation

One of the simplest guided meditation techniques includes sea waves. To envision the clean water coming into our body and taking the majority of the negativity out to ocean is an influential visualization. Breathing to the beat of the waves slamming in and backtracking out to ocean is a way to understand impermanence which is one of the essential doctrines or three marks of existence in Buddhism. The term expresses the Buddhist notion that all of conditioned existence, without exception, is transient, or in a constant state of flux. The sea is in consistent movement without exertion however with force. This is exceptionally helpful for meditation.

A Great Sleep Every Night

In the event that we stay by the sea, we are able to listen to the waves crash onto the shoreline in their delicate and splendidly spaced way. This background white noise is like a calming and unwinding bedtime lullaby to place us into a deep sleep. Perhaps it’s the sea or possibly it’s the result of what the sea accomplishes for our souls that we wake up refreshed and alive.

Water Workouts

We realize that water – being surrounded by blue space – helps us unwind, and we realize that exercise is useful for our bodies and our brains. On the off-chance that some person is encountering various issues that exercise and anxiety reduction may help with, going to a beach holiday is the best option. Discover a river trail and run there, or get on a bicycle or row or swim.

Being outside close to water while you’re doing workouts will provide for you all the more a mental boost than exercising in a crowded, un-hygienic gym environment with TVs before you and individuals all around. Numerous individuals feel instinctively that being in the vicinity of water gives substantial profits to their prosperity as well.


So anyone else has felt the magic of ocean too? Share your thoughts why you love beach holidays more and how going near to ocean has helped you?

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