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Signature Experiences

Our aim is to offer something a bit different than the other tours out there. Our tours would be laid-back, adventurous and fun flash-packing trips mixed with immersive cultural experiences.

All Inclusive

The tours have the feel of an independent trip, but without the hassle of having to find accommodation, working out how to get from A to B and booking all your own activities – We sort out all those bits, you just get cracking on having an amazing experience.

Go Beyond Taj

India’s magic lies in culture and landscapes. From the temples of Varanasi to the marble fortresses of Delhi and Agra, from the calm backwaters of Kerala to the British heritage in Kolkata and the carved sandstone palaces of Rajasthan, there is plenty to explore and experience with us.

Taste Exotic Food

Come join us on the most scintillating tour of your taste buds as you explore India by your mouth and we promise not to stop until you tell us to…

Travel Genes is an experiential travel blog aimed at travellers who are seeking immersive travel experiences and epic adventures in India. We believe the best way to experience a country is through the eyes of the local people. We make sure to eat at local restaurants, shop local stores & visit destinations that aren’t always mentioned in guidebooks. We love talking with people, hearing about their traditions, customs and we love to go off the beaten path… so much more fun that way, to get a real sense of the place and to offer you an authentic India experience much different from other tours, and ensure that you see the very best of this multi-faceted country.

Who we are

Travel Bloggers, Cosmetic Dentist & English Teacher, Digital Nomads, Entrepreneurs
The Wandering Couple

A Dentist and a Teacher couple travel the world in search of the beautiful, the unusual, the forgotten and the mundane. Created in 2013, Travel Genes began as a personal travel blog and labor of love that has now turned into an informal, personalized India trip organizer offering India Through The Back Door Tours.

Our Team

The People Behind

Dr. Rituraj Pathak

CEO, Founder
A classic Aquarian and a Cosmetic Dentist by profession, Traveller, Blogger & Photographer by choice; that’s what describes him best. In nomadic spirit, he truly believes that a rolling stone actually gathers moss…

Shreya Pathak

CFO, Co-Founder
Cancerian by birth, she is an English teacher, trained Indian classical dancer, photography enthusiast, a good host who loves to experiment with food and a cleanliness freak. She believes the world is big and it’ll take more than a lifetime to see it all, so it’s best to start early.

Raj B Pathak

Advisor & Guide
A veteran tour guide with over 50 years of experience of exploring India with tourists, he knows what people want from a holiday. He is actively involved in all tour planning & may explore the wonders of Taj Mahal for you on request.

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Guided group tour or tailor-made private holiday? Festival joy or a desert safari? Food walk or day tour? We're bound to have a travel style that's perfect for you...

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