The Rock Restaurant Zanzibar : Friday Photo

The Rock restaurant zanzibar

Situated on a rock amidst the Indian Ocean, off the bank of Zanzibar, Tanzania, is a small fish restaurant essentially named The Rock Restaurant Zanzibar. The unrivaled Rock Restaurant is not inaccessible from the shore of the delightful Michanwi Pingwe shoreline. Serving up to 14 tables, all facing a wonderful terrace on the Ocean, the restaurant is connected to the main land by boat, within high tide, and reachable by foot within low tide.

The Rock Zanzibar Tanzania


The Rock Restaurant Zanzibar serves a wide sea food variety with a unique Zanzibari taste and a choice of wines. Perfect for a romantic dinner for two, or for a memorable evening with friends or family, it is open for lunch and dinner and is available to be reserved for small groups and ceremonies. The Rock kitchen offers a superlative fresh seafood menu, including vegetarian plates and a kid’s menu.

Fresh sea food at The Rock restaurant

The Rock’s food is good, but that’s not the reason you go. It’s the experience of sitting in a restaurant on top of a rock and having to take a boat the size of a canoe, that only sits 6 people to get to the entrance. When dining is done, you may or may need to take the boat back to shore, as the water recedes so much in the evening that it just leaves the mud behind. So with bare feet you walk back to shore.

Rock Restaurant View Indian ocean



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