What To See in Agra : Must See Agra Attractions

Most of the time travelers visit Agra on a short one day trip either from New Delhi or Jaipur. And they have no idea to what to see in Agra beside the famous Taj Mahal… Agra is the only city in the world which boasts of having 3 world heritage sites by UNESCO: Taj Mahal, Read more about What To See in Agra : Must See Agra Attractions[…]

Offbeat Agra: Beyond Taj Mahal

  To most people visit to Agra involves the magnificent Taj Mahal. Of course no travel bucket list is complete without visiting this monument of love but the city is much more than just the Taj.  Due to the huge publicity and propaganda of Taj Mahal, other offbeat, lesser known places have been dwarfed in Read more about Offbeat Agra: Beyond Taj Mahal[…]