10 Low Budget Holiday Destinations Under Rupees 2000 or 30 Dollars Per Day

Fear that a holiday is beyond your budget? Stop counting pennies and start planning!

It’s a fact almost every traveler faces: The world is bigger than our wallets are deep. And it’s also true that we all want to take that family vacation, career break, or gap year, but with the way the economy is right now, financial stability is the prime concern. Between flights, hotels, food and activities traveling can be really expensive. But a trip doesn’t have to break your bank. While there are many tips and tricks for squeezing the most out of every dollar you spend on holiday, one of the simplest options is to find a place that has a lot to offer but hasn’t yet been hit by the price inflation that comes with big-time popularity.

So what I’m going to tell you now is that the idea that travel is always expensive is simply not true. Some of the world’s most beautiful destinations are also the cheapest, most budget-friendly destinations.

Here are 10 affordable low budget holiday destinations for your itchy feet on less than Rupees 2000 or 30 US$ per day. See the world, and return home with money in your wallet – the ultimate holiday souvenir!


04-5 Thailand

Despite being a very popular tourist destination (especially for Indians who just go there to get the big flat TV), Thailand is still cheap. Other than few popular tourist islands, it’s easy to live on less than 30 US$ (Rs. 2000) per day. In Phuket, budget accommodations can be as low as $10 per night and you can eat on less than 5 US$ per day, drinks are about 3 US$, and local sightseeing will cost you around 10 US$.  So in order to live under 30 US$ a day, you have to stay in guesthouses, eat the delicious local street food, avoid lots of expensive drinks, and take local transportation. So as long as you can go light on alcohol and avoid the sex tourism industry like a visit to Go-Go bars, you’ll find Thailand quite inexpensive.


01-1 bali

Indonesia enables you to enjoy mysterious rainforests, silver beaches and crystal-clear green seas without swiping your credit card too frequently. There are thousands of islands that you can pick from to explore the jungles and enjoy the sunshine. If you are scratching your head with where to start, head to Bali.

Even cheaper than Thailand, Bali is a great destination for those looking to save some coins in the pocket. Unlike the popular belief that being the most romantic destination for honeymoon, Bali will not make a hole in your pocket. Except the Nusa Dua area which has large private beaches owned by big hotel chains, you’ll find Bali a pocket friendly destination. In the south at Kuta area and at Nusa Dua, you’ll find more $1,000 USD per night rooms than any other place in the world. However, right next to them are rooms for less than $10 USD a night. Except the flights which are long and expensive, the island itself is pretty cheap. Petrol is damn cheap and you will get a big 8 seater Toyota car for around 30 US$ for full 8 hours. Activities such as snorkeling cost just $10 USD and local food in road-side café “warung” will cost you just  5 US$. And as you leave the very touristy Kuta & Nusa Dua area and go upward, everything gets cheaper.


05-3 greece

If you wish to enjoy Europe on the budget, go Greece! Now since the Greece has gone bankrupt, it’s a bargain. You will be shocked to find out how cheap it is to get a lavish non-vegetarian dinner for just US$ 10 with drinks that come for 3 US$. Budget accommodation can be found for less than 15 US$. In spite of being in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, Greece still holds the charm for the tourist.


02-6 nepal

Now comes a big shock…. traveling in Nepal can cost you $5-$7 a day. That’s if you stay in a budget accommodation and stick to eating the local Nepali cuisine. Nepal will give you a wonderful experience of classic Asian culture and tropical nature. Trekking in the undeveloped countryside, you will be able to enjoy the organic and beautiful Asian heritage. For many, even one month is not enough for them to soak in the peaceful surrounding of Nepal.


06-2 cambodia

A favorite of backpackers and gap-year travelers, people love Cambodia. You can get a bed here for 4$ while the food will cost you around 5$. The flight is expensive, but with cheap food and accommodations, and many free things do, this is easily one of the best places to go on a budget. Cambodia is popular not just for its affordability, but for that magical blend of welcoming people, fascinating culture, and sights worth crossing oceans for. Prices may rise in the next few years as Cambodia joins other Southeast Asian countries in a single economic zone, so better pack your bags early and head on to Cambodia.

Sri Lanka

07-8 srilanka fishing

Spectacular, affordable, and still mostly uncrowded: that’s how Lonely Planet characterizes Sri Lanka right now. And that’s why the venerable travel publication named this island nation off the southeastern tip of India one of its top picks for the best of travel in 2013. Decades of war and the effects of natural disasters have kept Sri Lanka off the beaten path until now, but with alluring attributes, such as fabulous surfing and an impressive density of UNESCO World Heritage sites, it’s easy to find reasons to go now that the country is regaining its balance. You will feel as though you have traveled to another time and place when you come to Sri Lanka.


08-7 turkey

Turkey has been pinned on the map by student travelers more and more because of the spectacular landscapes, foods and the affordable. The artery links the Asia and Europe, Turkey is a mix of western and eastern culture. Besides Hagia Sophica Museum, the Chora Church, Istanbul Old Town, head to Grand Bazaar food market, one of the top food bazaars in the world. This market dates back to 15th century with over 4000 stores stretch out – the best place to discover the locals’ lives and the Middle East foods. And don’t forget to eat as locals eat, to avoid burning a hole in your wallet.


03-4 india

Travelling in India is easy and inexpensive. Food, accommodations, and travel are very cheap compared to other places around the world. Backpacker’s hostels and guesthouses are located in all the major cities. You can easily find a bed for two in under 12$ and a burger in Mc Donalds still costs you less than 0.50 $.

Central America

09-9 honduras

Most of Central America is dirt cheap and you can travel on less than 30 dollars a day. You just have to avoid Costa Rica and Panama as they are more expensive at about $35-40 USD per day! But all through the other countries in Central America like Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua, you will find most budget hotels for around $10 USD per night, meals for $3 USD, most bus journeys for the same price, and beer costing less than a dollar.


10-10 hungary

If you are travelling from Italy to the beautiful historic city of Budapest in Hungary you will feel a warm welcome from expensive Italy. Accommodation starts from 6 Euros ($8 USD) and Kabab or Sandwich meals are around $2 USD. Local transport is also just a few dollars. Unless you are going out for a big night of drinking with a beautiful Hungarian girl, $30 USD will give you plenty of room to enjoy the sites and sounds of Budapest. In recent times Budapest has grown up as a great alternative to cities like Prague or Vienna.

There are many great destinations in the world that don’t cost a fortune. While some of these destinations might be expensive to fly to, once you get there, they are cheap as hell. If you want to go somewhere else, here’s how to pick a cheap place: Avoid the major tourist destinations, think outside the box, use an economic crisis to your advantage, or get off the beaten path and you’ll find value throughout the world.

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