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wander across india toursWhen I was in school in the year of 1999, I discovered a new interest – my love for travel. The small school trip I did actually sparked my wanderlust. Being the son of a tour guide, you can say that travel was in my genes. But this realization of new-found love of travel inspired me to leave the comforts of the home and wander across the globe.

The wanderlust first started with parents, later continued with friends and solo until 2012 when I finally got married. And by some extreme stroke of luck, I found my wife a bigger travel enthusiast than me. Ever since, we take every opportunity to be on the road & make the transition from English School Teacher – Cosmetic Dentist to laid back world travelers.

How I Started A Small Travel Company?


After years of travel, we realized that travelling is all about the experience and it’s in the details – the places you stay, the transport and route that gets you there, and the people you meet along the way – that makes the trip. So, when we started our travel blog and talked about our adventure and travel mis-haps on the roads, our lovely readers started to request deep insights about the places to visit and things to do in India to have a unique India experience much different from what other travel companies’ offer.

Being a son of a very senior tour guide; having more than five decades of experience, I knew few things about some tourist places in and around Agra but not a single thing did I know about organizing tours.

Being a Cosmetic Dentist myself and having a wife who teaches English in a convent school; there was no time to go deep into travel business and start a complete tour company.

However, back in 2013, after receiving several requests from readers, I decided to offer a tour to Taj Mahal and Golden Triangle anyway, hoping to figure it out somehow.

So, I sat down and got to work.

I made up some basic points and I asked myself how can I do it differently than rest of the other tour companies? I researched the tours being offered by other companies, the detailed itineraries and the insane high cost they charge in the name of luxury tours. Being a traveler myself helped as I could think of the expectations a traveler has from the tour. So with this information, support and encouragement of my wife and insights from my father, I jumped into the deep travel waters.

Fast forward to today and I’m staring at the calendar, trying to decide how many tours I’ll be offering next year, and to which regions of the India.

Somehow, I figured it out.

When I decided to offer that first tour to Taj Mahal & Rajasthan, I was determined to make it a success. I didn’t care if that one tour would lead to more tours down the road. All I cared about was getting this one tour off on the road, turning that little spark of an idea, the idea that a travel blogger could offer, organize and lead a rewarding tour, and that people would actually want to join such a tour, into reality.

I made a basic plan, studied sample itineraries, calculated expenses, got in touch with local contacts, studied every possible destination, anticipated every obstacle…and then repeated it all over and over and over and over again until everything looked fair and I felt completely confident in the tour that I had created.

My concept was simple – to charge less and offer more!

And then, before I really even had time to think about what was happening, the first India tour took place with a bunch of 40 travelers from Poland, it went ever so smoothly, and I soon found myself organizing trips to Rajasthan, Khajuraho, Varanasi, Udaipur & Goa. The tours were announced, they sold out and off we went… five group tours have now been completed, with more to come, and just like that, a small tour company – Wander Across India Tours was started. We then focused on different unique day tours like Agra Food Walk.

taj mahal day tour agra

We are still proud to be small and personal. At Travel Genes Tours there is no grand design to seek venture capital, explode in growth and sell out. With the passion we have for what we do, we are very happy – and in fact feel privileged – to be able to provide extraordinary travel experiences, and our aim is to keep it that way.

Just talking about these tours gets me excited. I’m excited because I get to organize and lead more tours, which I love to do, I get to meet and travel with more of you to faraway places. I’m also excited at the fact that I managed to figure it all out.

An Idea Can Change Your Life


So how actually everything started? I had an idea. Actually, the lovely readers of this blog gave me the idea. I took the idea of tours, researched on it piece by piece, and then tried to build something worthwhile and different. It took a lot of effort, plenty of experimentation and a good amount of time but for not one second did I ever think I would not achieve my goal and make my dream to offer unique India experience tours into reality. It is that undying belief, that pure determination to succeed, that drove me forward each time I sat down to work on this new venture.

And once that first tour to India had come to an end and I announced a couple of more trips, that belief carried over, and once again, I couldn’t imagine anything but that next set of tours being a success as well.

It’s rightly said that when we sit down to work on something or when we set our mind towards a specific goal or dream, we need to believe in ourselves, and in our ability to achieve whatever we are working towards.

travel genes experiences

We all have dreams. But why don’t we pursue them? Why do we go on doing what we don’t like to do just because we’re supposed to?

Is it because it’s not realistic, practical or feasible?

The short answer is … No.

The long answer is also no, but we are frozen by doubt in our abilities and we fear the consequences of failing and being wrong.

When you find a goal that gets you so excited that you know you are going to achieve it, that’s something worth working towards.

If I had started my small travel company thinking that it wouldn’t work, or even doubting that it would work, the chances of it actually succeeding would have been highly low. But as soon as the idea popped into my head of offering all-inclusive India tours, I looked inside me first. Did I believe I could make it happen? Of course, I did. And only because I believed so strongly, did I move forward with the idea.

Of course, there are other things involved too behind the scenes of an idea. First, you need to have a good idea, one that makes sense – logistically, financially, practically etc. – an idea that shows all the signs of being a solid success if everything does go well as planned. And once you have that solid idea, you’ll need to turn that idea into something substantial and worth, to achieve that end goal.

So do you believe in what you are trying to achieve right now? Can you imagine anything but success? Do You Have IT In You?

The answers to those very questions might tell you whether or not your current goals are a good match for you at this point in your life and whether or not you will be able to actually figure it out in the end.

So, how did you answer those questions? Please do share below.

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