How To Beat Jet Lag Going To India


If you’ve ever traveled hopping to different time zones, odds are you’ve encountered jet lag. You know that feeling when there are places to see and things to do, however your body simply needs you to lie down on flat-bed. And if you are a business traveler, you can almost forget to have a rest day for your jet lagged feet after your long distance flight. This is more commonly seen on long flights coming from US to India.

Jet lag refers to disturbed sleep pattern, tiredness and mental disorientation caused by travelling. It happens when your normal body clock is disrupted by travelling through several time zones. Jet lag is worse when you move from west to east because the body finds it harder to adapt to a shorter day than a longer one.

Throughout the years, I’ve grabbed a couple of tricks on how to beat jet lag to India that I’d love to share with you. Here’s a rundown of my jet lag avoiding travel schedule:

Start Early

The most skilled jet lag dodgers plan their movements a few days ahead. Start with the timing of your flight: long-haul flights that land in the evening gives you a greater chance of minimizing jet lag because you’re more likely to sleep naturally when you arrive in you hotel, giving you a head start on the new routine next day.

 Adjust your internal clock.

A week before your departure, gradually shift your sleeping and eating times to coincide with those at your destination. Once you arrive, adopt the local time for your daily routine. This is easiest way to trick your mind and body.

Sleep During The Flight

Although this not something as easy as it sounds unless you are flying on flat beds of first class, but even if you can manage to close your eyes even for few hours as you pass different time zones, this is most helpful in avoiding the symptoms of jet lag. Try to stay awake as long as possible during those long 10-14 hours flight, and once you are completely out of energy, sleep for the rest of your flight time.

I know it’s difficult to think about the sleep on plane, so on the off-chance that you experience difficulty dozing, don’t curse yourself. Simply make it an objective to simply get in whatever number short rests as could reasonably be expected.

Stay Hydrated

Don’t simply hydrate, over-hydrate. Drink as much water as possible avoid alcohol on long distance flights. Instead go for a fruit juice which will not cause you dehydration unlike alcohol which is a bad combination with pressured air inside the flight.

Vitamin B & C

Certain vitamins can help you in getting good rest. This is something I always do before a long haul flight. Just take a Vitamin B pill on the day of your flight and you will have a good rest during the flight. Vitamin C also boosts your immunity in fighting the various infections present in the pressurized air of plane. Instead of Vitamin C pill, I prefer drinking lots of fresh juices which contains more natural for of the vitamins.


I know. When you’re drained and jet lagged this is the exact opposite thing you need to do. The good news is, you don’t have to do a great deal, only 15 to 20 minutes least. Leave your camera behind, go for a stroll around your hotel and stretch your legs little bit. Also, climbing stairs will get more blood flowing into your legs quickly and thus reduce symptoms of jet lag.

Avoid Caffeine

Coffee is a strong stimulant which keeps you more mentally alert. Avoid it after evening in order to get good sleep. If you are an addict, try some tea instead. I personally prefer drinking a cup of aromatic lemon grass tea after 4 pm. This always suits me for a good night-time sleep.

No Short Naps

As nice it may sound to fall on the bed for couple of minutes the moment you arrive in your hotel – don’t. Instead go for brisk walking for few minutes around your hotel to know your new environment. Keep yourself occupied over something or else but avoid the bed for a short quick evening nap.

Keep Your Curtains Open

Once you’re ready to sleep according to your new time zone, open your room’s window blind. If you open the draperies, the light from the morning sun will help you wake up, fresh enough to start your day on a good note.

Missed out anything? Share your tips for sufficiently getting good sleep without the jet lag in the comments below.

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  • I returned back from USA to India on 16th August via Mumbai.I am unable to sleep due to Jet lag since two days.I seek your experience tips to over come the disease of JET LAG

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