How To Do Hong Kong On A Budget

Mostly all globe trotters love a good bargain. For some, this means getting the cheapest option for bed, food, and entertainment. For others, it refers to living on a handful of dollars a day while hanging out for months in South East Asia.


While we do agree that there’s a certain overwhelming challenge in seeing just how cheap we can go, getting the lowest price is not always the best value when it comes to travel. On the contrary, sometimes going too cheap is a waste of money. That’s why me and my spendthrift husband are willing to pay more for an engaging travel experience that’s worth the extra effort and cost. At the same time, I am also careful to avoid impulse buying.

Based on a recent trip to Hong Kong by a friend, I’m glad that we could find some great value deals in this glitzy metropolis – if you are a careful traveler and consumer. On the flip side, China, which is ill-famed for its knockoff purses and bootleg videos, is inescapable with travel rip-offs and false promises, too.

Things To Do In Hong Kong On Budget Travel

Tai-O Fishing Village

Boat Tours of the villages are roughly HK$ 20 which can be further negotiable.

Beaches and Trails

Hong Kong contains miles of free beaching and hiking trails. From Family Walks to Nature Trails to Country Trail, you can choose any on http://hkwalkers.net/eng/trail_list/type.htm


Free Museum Day

Many Hong Kong Museums like Museum of Arts, Heritage Museum, Racing Museum and Museum of History offers free entry on Wednesdays. So plan your travel dates accordingly.

The Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens

It houses thousands of species of plants and almost 500 birds and animals, the gardens are always free. So if you are a flora or fauna lover, make sure to stop over here for couple of hours without spending any of your precious HK$.

The Symphony of Lights

Victoria Harbour has free light and sound show every night at 8 pm.


Ngong Ping 360

A cable car with breath-taking views of surrounding country side which leads to Po Lin Temple and Big Buddha costs HK$ 135 for a standard cable cabin.

1-Ngong Ping Cable Car_3

Free Classes

Hong Kong’s Cultural Kaleidoscope Programme allows visitors to enjoy free classes in Feng Shui, Tea Appreciation and Tai Chi.


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