Glimpses of Wander Across India Adventure Tours

India does exactly what it says on the box when you wander across India. Cows are more important than you on the roads. Taj is the best thing you’ll ever see. People really do smile that much. And yes, you are a celebrity in India in case you have a white skin and blonde hair…

No other country in the world will both fascinate and frustrate you more than India. Yet, your trip to India will continue to amaze you for many years after… This is the general feeling people have when they wander with me on Travel Genes Wander Across India Adventure Tours. When  we started these tours our aim was simple – to charge less and offer more. And in just few months the kind of response we got from people all over the world forced us to start many more new tours. People who dislike going on tours designed by generic travel agents loved our laid back, easy, all-inclusive tours. As all the tours we offer include accommodation (except day tours & food walks), transportation, many meals, entrance fees and activities as well as plenty of surprises along the way!

Here are some quick glimpses of past Wander Across India Adventure Tours by Travel Genes :

The Wander Across India Adventure tours are fabulous blend of iconic cities, rural Rajasthani villages, historic monuments, and spirituality. It gives a diverse experience in India — one that’s the perfect introduction to the country and full of fascinating photo opportunities.

The focus is always on going local. We use local transportation as much as possible, we stay in quality accommodations, we eat at local food stalls and restaurants and we visit destinations that aren’t always mentioned in guidebooks. We love to seek out and travel to deep and offbeat, unexplored places that few have been to, and even fewer have written about; thereby connecting the world through people, food and adventure.

And the most rewarding part is that our small group will share the entire experience together, having an incredible time in the process!

Let’s wander together…

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