Friday Photo: Umbrella Street, Portugal

Imagine yourself strolling down the streets of Portugal, espresso in one hand, and shopping sack in the other.

As you go down the blasting hot road, you noiselessly wish for shade.

At that point, abruptly out of the blue, your wish is answered.

Over your head coasts a show of splendidly colored umbrellas, every one a blast of shady relief.


In the event that you happen to walk down the right streets in Portugal throughout the month of July, this extremely well could happen.

Umbrella Street

Every July, as part of Ágitagueda art festival, hundreds of umbrellas are hung over promenades in the streets of Águeda, a municipality in Portugal.


At the point when looking up from the ground the umbrellas appears of being floating all on their own. Only 3 years back the first umbrellas ever were lifted above popular avenues as a component of the Ágitagueda art festival.


Agueda has drawn various guests every July, and the occasion has become world-famous with every year more people coming to see the umbrella presentation through their own eyes

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