Fear Of Flying: I just don’t want to fly right now…

I just don’t want to fly right now…

And it’s not because of the rising cost of flights… But the Air Algerie and Malaysia Airlines crashes are the main reasons behind my decision. I agree these are not the reasons to panic, but it’s a great idea to travel with a lot more caution — less in-flight entertainment and more time for myself — so I have allocated time to take the train to my next destination and comeback.

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Although running a travel blog requires me to visit sites and meet people in far states, but because of recent events I’ve had to rethink how I do travel. So now if I have a meeting in Mumbai, I will try to set it up in Delhi so that I can drive or hop on a train.

And best of all, I guess I’m not the only one who’s shying away from air travel right now.

According to Jeff Wise, the author of “Extreme Fear: The Science of Your Mind in Danger, People will absolutely think twice about getting on a flight right now and it feels like a completely rational thing to not want to get on planes at this point.

Who can disagree with him with 4 airline disasters in such a short time?

The Fear Of Flying

Human beings are very good at a lot of things, but we’re terrible when it comes to risk assessment. That’s not our fault; we’re wired that way. If the tiger comes from one patch of the forest, we avoid that path. If snakes are in one fruit tree we never return to it. But the modern world presents a whole lot more complexity than our still slowly developing brains are equipped to handle. And few things surprise us more than heavy airplanes flying against the gravity.

When I’m behind the wheel, I feel like I’m in control. When an anonymous pilot is at stick, I feel like little more than cargo.

A person’s fears about a plane disappearing or crashing are realistic, as recent history showed. You don’t need statistics to prove that. But, it’s not the fear makes people avoid flying but anxiety disorders are the real reason behind it.

And these are made up of two magic words: ‘what if?’ Once you ask that, you can create your own monster movie in your head, which can lead to irrational behavior.

Just some time back I read somewhere that Malaysia Airlines wants to rebrand itself and considering name change. After the back–to-back tragedies of MH17 and MH370, Malaysia Airline’s reputation has been tarnished, and the airline is considering a complete brand makeover, from seeking new investors to a name change. I know many people like me will at least think twice before they book the next flight on Malaysian Airlines.

As of now, it’s time to enjoy the slow travel.

Slow travel is about being in the present.  We’re always running to get from point A to point C that we don’t stop to enjoy point B. You have to slow down and enjoy the moment because you never know when your last moment is.

Once you board a train, you have all the time in your hands for yourself. You can have a walk, engage with other people, socialize, make phone calls, use Wi-Fi or simply relax with your headphones without worrying about turbulence or lost luggage or delayed flights.

So until some good news comes from the skies above or until airlines give me some free international flights, I’m going to enjoy my slow donkey travels a little more…

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Happy Slow Travels.


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