December 14, 2014

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Travel Genes is an independent travel website with focus on India Travel for couples, solo women and for those who wish to explore India in luxury. We are passionate travelers and have been travelling around India and abroad since last 10 years without quitting our full-time jobs as a Dentist and English teacher.

In 2013 we set up this website to share our love for traveling and inspire fellow independent travelers to discover this amazing world without actually quitting your jobs. Our travel experiences in India and around the world makes of this website a perfect travel resource for those who love to travel independently, safely and in an affordable way without quitting their full-time jobs.

Be a Guest Blogger

We love to hear people’s travel stories. They inspire us, but more importantly, they also inspire the readers. We travel in a certain way but there are many ways to fund your trips and travel the world. So what’s your way of travel? While we have been lucky to travel to many places, we are sure you have a unique story or experience we have yet to encounter and we would love to hear all about it. How about writing a city guide to Madrid? Have a favorite hotel you’d like to review from Frankfurt? How about that crazy train journey you took through India? Or your culture shock experience abroad for the first time? We want to hear them all. We all come from different places, but we all have one thing in common: We all want to travel more. So let’s connect and shoot us an email with your wonderful writings.

We do feature funny guest posts and photos from other bloggers…  no worries at all and we are more than happy to link to you, but if you are a business, then we treat this as advertising – that is, a sponsored post.

Please don’t submit something offering ‘free content’ that includes a dodgy link back to shady website just because you want some SEO link juice. We’ve had loads of crap offers from shady characters from all over the world which has caused us to delete thousands of emails and wasted enough of our time!

If you are interested in advertising/sponsored posts, please include the following in your email:

1) Who the advertising is for, and

2) How much you can pay (you know what your budget is – just be upfront about it and say what it is!).We are happy to negotiate on price should you have a set budget.

We are just trying to avoid playing email ping-pong!

So if you’re going to make an offer, be honest about it!

Make sure you are a relevant travel related organisation or product. Advertising about gambling or adult products doesn’t really fit into the site.

How can you advertise or work with Travel Genes?

We offer several sponsoring and advertising options. Here are some of the most popular ways of advertising options on Travel Genes. All ad rates are per month, with discounts for bookings of one year or more paid in advance through Paypal.com

Advertising rates are based on 35,000 + Monthly Views • 20,000+ Monthly Visitors • 8,000+ social media subscribers.

Content Based Advertising:

1) Your Writing:

You submit an article that is ready to post – between 500 – 800 words, with an embedded link in an area of your choice. Permanent links are available for the price of one year paid up front.

Cost: 15 US$/month

2) Our Writing:

The team at Travel Genes will create the content and place the embedded link. Permanent links are available for the price of one year paid up front.

Cost:  20 US$/month

3) Embedded Link:

Placement of an embedded link in a pre-existing blog post on Travel Genes. Availability is dependent on whether there is a suitable article to match. Permanent links are available for the price of two years paid up front.

Cost: 20 US$/month

4) Social Media

The above prices include social media promotion of each blog post. However if you would like to discuss stand alone social media posts to promote your product, we charge $10 USD for each Facebook post, and $15 USD for a set of 5 tweets.

5) Giveaways and Promotions

We accept the goods in exchange of the giveaways or promotions unless you prefer to pay us in cash.

Advertising Banners

We do accept banner ads. Naturally we’ll be looking for ethical companies, and would like to see the artwork prior to reaching any agreement (purely to make sure they won’t blind any young children).

Advertising banners in different sizes can be placed on the side bar (site wide). They can also be placed in the middle of article or at the bottom of the article on targeted pages or posts.


Small logo or ad (125 pixels square) on the sidebar – $10 per month (limited to 10)

Medium Rectangle on the sidebar – 20$ per month (limited to 2)

Large vertical skyscraper on the sidebar – 30$ per month (limited to 1)

Medium / Large Logo or Image Ad (Rectangle / Banner) inside the post for permanent placement – 100$ (limited to 1 per post)


We don’t sell text ad links.

If you were looking to buy a juicy text ad link, advertising something like Cheap Hotels at Moon, or Cheap Flights to Mars than you’re out of luck. We don’t sell paid links in any way, shape or form.

Products Reviews

We are personally available to try out your travel products or travel services. These can include accommodation, local tours, adventure activities, travel clothing and gear.  We will write about it and my honest review will be featured on the Travel Genes Blog. Normally we accept the product / services in exchange for the review.

Press or Social Media Trips

If you’re looking to fill a spot on a press or social media trip, let me check my calendar. Normally we do not charge to go on a trip where all expenses are paid. Get in touch and we can discuss the finer details.

But remember, all our written experiences will be honest and un-biased whether positive or negative. We reserve the right to speak the ugly truth. Although in case of any negative experience, you will be given a chance to explain the circumstances/reason behind it prior to publishing. And your view-point will be published too as your response un-edited.

Still interested?

Well then Contact us now!

Talk soon!