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We ended up in Thailand during our change of flights to Bali. Although we didn’t stay for a long but Thailand has a unique way to always amaze you with its Buddhist lifestyle and mouth-watering cuisine.If there’s one thing Bangkok will not disappoint, it’s your taste buds. But what we loved most is the interesting daily life of Thai people. Here are the 21 amazing things about Thailand :

1. It’s actually the year 2556 in Thailand, which uses the Buddhist calendar. Thai New year is in April which is called “SONGKRAN”. There is a 543 years difference between the Buddhist calendar and the Gregorian calendar.

2. Thailand’s name in the Thai language is Prathet Thai, which means “Land of the Free.” It is the only country in Southeast Asia that was never colonized by a European nation.

3. Thai people worship their King and you can find giant billboards with his photo almost everywhere.

4. Thai national anthem is played in public twice a day and everyone stops and stands in silence for it – which looks bizarre in a crowded train station or market.

5. Underwear is must. Leaving the house without underwear can even land you in jail. Going bare chested in public is also illegal.

6. Scooters or motorbikes are most common form of transport. Often driven by kids but whole families, pets and even bicycles are carried on them.


7. Motorbikes can be transformed into ice-cream vans or taxis or food karts.

8. It’s common to find petrol sold in old whiskey or vodka bottles on road side.


9. It’s illegal to say anything bad about the king or to even laugh at a picture of him. In the cinemas, a short tribute clip with “Bless the king” song is played before a movie starts and everyone is expected to stand up and pay respect.

10. For an exotic kick to your taste buds you can try fragrant “jasmine rice”, or “fried cockroaches and caterpillars” in the night market. Also don’t forget to try the unique “Mango Rice”.

11. It’s rare to find a nuclear family as most Thai people live with their large extended families.

12. Prostitution is technically illegal in Thailand, but the law is very rarely enforced. In fact Thailand is regarded as most favorite sex tourism destination in the world. And their economy depends on sex tourism with large number of hookers, gays, transsexuals, lady boys & massage girls on the street everywhere.


13. Never touch the HEAD of any person or child as it’s considered as disrespect.Thai people always try to keep their heads lower than the head of any person who is older or more important, to show respect.

14. Feet are considered lowly because they symbolize an attachment to the ground, which is a cause for human suffering. As such, a person must never sit with their feet pointing to a statue in a temple or at some other person. Feet must always be tucked underneath the body.

15. Monks from young to old can be found everywhere wearing bright orange robes.

16. Monks have first right of way when crossing the street. And women should NEVER touch a monk.

17. Temples in Thailand have ATM.

18. Colorful spirit houses are found everywhere and Thai people give offerings to the spirits to keep them happy.

19. Thais like their food spicy – there’s a difference between farang (foreigner) spicy and Thai spicy. Real men eat Thai spicy.Three types of chilli are often added to noodle dishes – dried chilli flakes, fresh-cut chillies in vinegar, and chillies in fish sauce.

20. Thais love to release lanterns on special occasions, especially for the Yee Peng Festival. As you release the lantern into the sky you release your troubles to the sky.

21. Thailand is also known as ” The Land of Smiles”.

Be sure to find your reason to smile when in Thailand.

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