17 Reasons Why I Hate Travel Agents And You Should Too

I know this is crazy and funny too at the same time… But this is what all millions of people get to hear from their travel agents worldwide, every time they call or meet to book holidays. And after years of traveling, and hearing the similar words in almost similar situations, I’m on the verge of killing the person who say to me any of these stupid words again.

You see, whether you are booking the flight with an agent in United States or taking a travel insurance in Bali or booking a hotel in India, the words from the mouth of travel agents remain similar. Seems to me all the travel agents in this world have something similar in their DNA or may be they go to some kind of top-secret school to learn the art of talking with customers.


Have a look at these most common 17 phrases that will make you hate travel agents more, like me.

1. You thought about a nice two weeks holidays with your friends or family and you are so excited to go there. When you call up your travel agent and tell him/her your destination, the first thing you hear is: “Why would you want to go there?” Grrrrr… Not your damn business!

2. You just told your travel agent that your friends are staying in that “famous” hotel in that “famous” city. And all you get to hear is: “Oh God!  You should tell them to move somewhere nicer. I Can book for you, if you wish…”

3. You are calling your travel agent for a trip to India 10 months ahead and what you hear is: “It’s pretty full. You should have booked earlier.” Next time, remember to book 20 months in advance!

4. You just finalized an all-inclusive trip to Europe for a real good price, and then suddenly you hear: “That’s the price. Wait, I forgot the 22% tax… oh boy.”

5. You are booking a return international flight 8 months in advance and suddenly you see a wicked smile on your travel agent’s face with these words: “Wow. You really should have booked earlier. The prices got increased today only to over 40%…”

6. “Window or aisle seat? Yeah, I thought you were a window person.” I mean what’s the point of asking when you already know so much about me!


7. No matter what destination you search, you only get the same reply : “Let’s see….Ooh. That’s not good. The prices got increased on this route…”

8. You wish to spend some quality time with your parents/partner in Paris this summer. And all you get to hear from your trusted travel agents is: “You know you could go to Antarctica for that price.”

9. “Where are you from? India. Really? I thought you were English. You sound English.” Grrrrrr… Grrrrr…

10. You have flexible travel dates for your next holiday abroad. And this is what your travel agent say: “Did you want to fly on Christmas day? It’s cheaper. Not much, though.”

11. While searching for long distance flights from America to Thailand, you are being asked: “How do you feel about multiple connecting flights? Only 7 change of planes…”

12. You have your favorite airline to travel back home and what your travel agent says: “I could book you on this airline but… [makes poker face]”

13. “Going with your boyfriend? Friend. Just friend?” How does that matter?


14. While requesting your travel agent to find some cheaper flight on this route, you get to hear: “How do you feel about leaving at 3:20? No, I mean a.m.”

15. For some unavoidable reasons, you wish to change your itinerary for your next upcoming tour months before in advance. You call your agent and this is what you hear: “Change it again? You’re killing me!”

16. The most friendly advice you always get from your trusted travel agent: “If I were in your place, I would not go to the US without travel insurance. Not even transit. You could break your leg and boom, thousands of dollars gone with the wind.”

17. The last and most favorite words of every agent: “I’ll waive our fee. You’re already paying enough for your holiday.”



So, are we missing anything? What have you heard from your travel agent ? 

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4 thoughts on “17 Reasons Why I Hate Travel Agents And You Should Too

  • You have really no idea what we have to put up with everyday. The only thing we can do is recommend and advice you, not change the itineraries of airline companies, just give them a quick call to ask them if they could kindly change their hours from 3 a.m. to 3 p.m… Really, people have no idea what kind of pressure is on our shoulders, we have to get sales up and keep the customer happy, for the cheapest price possible, and seriousely we try!! But if there are no low fares, there simply aren’t none. And it is so that airline prices are dependable of availability, so the more seats there are sold, obviousely the price per seat goes up. So ofcourse if you book early, you pay the best price for flights. Don’t blame it on the travel agent, we’re doing the best we can!!!!

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