15 Places You Must See In India Before Flying Overseas To See Their Equivalents

Indians are travelling like never before to the faraway places to quench their thirst of wanderlust. Maybe because we are unaware of the existence of amazing places in India or maybe it’s the latest social trend. But if you ask any world traveler the only answer you get is what we search overseas, we can easily find in India at the fraction of the cost. The diversity of places you can find in India is unlike any other country. From beaches to hills, from snow valleys to deserts, from wildlife to sea food, from forts to lakes – India offers an unbeatable combination of incredible journeys. So here is the list of 15 places you must see in India before flying overseas to see their equivalents :

1. Before you set foot on the green hills of Switzerland,

13-Monastery Magdenau, switzerland

Get yourself lost in this Mini-Switzerland at  Khajjiar – Himachal Pradesh.

03-Khajjiar - Himachal Pradesh


2. Before you get yourself wet under the Niagra falls,


Soak yourself in Chitrakoot Falls in Chhattisgarh.



3. Before you play in the sands of Sahara desert,

08-Sahara desert

Walk on the sands of Thar Desert in Rajasthan.



4. Before you see the Bonneville Salt Flats in America,


See the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat.

18-rann of kutch


5. Before you spend a day on Madagascar Island,

tropical beach wallpaper

Give Andaman Island a chance.



6. Before you have fun in the sun on the beaches of Brazil,

21-brazil beach

Take a trip to the Goa beaches.

20-Goa India beach


7. Before you watch in awe the China – Taiwan Bridge,


Say “wow” to Howrah Bridge in Kolkata.

1-Howrah Bridge Kolkata


8. Before you smell the flowers of Antelope Valley, California,


Surround yourself with the aroma of Flower Valley in Uttarakhand.



9. Before you get scared with the African Lion,

01-african lion

Cross path with the Royal Bengal Tiger.

23-bengal tiger


10. Before you admire the grandness of Batu Caves in Malaysia,

29-batu caves

Admire the stone sculptures of rock-cut caves  of Ajanta and Ellora.

14-Ajanta Cave


11. Before you feel dwarfed by statue of “Christ The Redeemer” in Brazil,


Feel dominated by Saint Thiruvalluvar’s statue in Kanyakumari.



12. Before you visit the Arc de Triomphe in France,


Visit India Gate in New Delhi.



13. Before you explore the Hohenzollern castle in Germany,

04-Hohenzollern castle Germany

Discover Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur.

28-mehrangarh fort


14. Before you go out to admire the French architecture in Vietnam,


Source: CityPassGuide – Travel To Vietnam

Admire La Martiniere College in Lucknow or explore French influence on Pondicherry.

La Martiniere College, Lucknow


15. Before you get lost in the beauty of Switzerland Lakes,

05-switzerland lake

Find your heaven in Ladakh.

16-ladakh lake

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